6 Lessons from Graphika Manila 2016

Here are some of the lessons that resonated with me from this year’s Graphika Manila – an annual 2-day conference for creatives here in the Philippines – and exactly when my theme for the year is Rekindle and Hustle!

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Chock-full of inspiring speakers from all over the globe, GM2016 was a showcase of art in its many forms — watercolor, murals, comics, lettering, music videos, what-have-you’s. This year’s roster in particular started introducing their really early work – so it was a feast of mediocre anime characters and reeeaaally ratchet modeling jobs.

Without further ado, here are my top 6 takeaways as a corporate-creative from Graphika Manila 2016:


Setting Your Personal Finance Target

Ever found yourself over-spending every payday and crawling to just get by right a few days later? Or splurging too much on an impulse buy because you just. had. to. have. it?

That was me – guilty as charged. Last year was the time I finally got comfortable with earning a salary, and I ended up going on shopping sprees only to find myself crying over credit card bills and receipts weeks later.

At the onset, what I wanted for 2015 was unclear. I feel like I want a lot, I try to get a lot, but I’m not getting closer to the ~big things~ I wanted. Did you feel the same? Want to change that?

Get a pen and paper (or a spreadsheet), and prepare two columns: EXPENSES and EARNINGS. Ready?

savings targets and goals


Ciao, 2016! Theme for the Year and 2016 Goals

ciao 2016 theme and goals for the year


With 2015 neatly wrapped up (see previous post!), it’s time to say hello to 2016!

Setting the Theme

In the middle of 2015, I found about the importance of setting a theme for the year – and found a lot of people being guided by it over at the Instagram planning community. So last year, I decided it would be about Ramping Up.

Thaaaat didn’t work out to well (see HERE), so I’m more determined to stick to my goals this year.

2016 is shaping up to be The Best Year Ever… Yet! And I need to be clear on what exactly I will be focusing on for the upcoming 12 months. No resolutions here, just a bunch of goals that I’ll be working on with Project Management-like focus.

My theme for 2016 is….HUSTLE.


16 Before 2016 Recap

16 before 2016

Towards the end of November, I recall seeing the “16 Before 2016” list over at Boho Berry. Inspired by Lisa from Marketing Creativity – and my own need for a competitive motivation – I quickly went to reprioritize and list down things I wanted to finish for the year.

And here was the eventual page (posted on Instagram for…accountability) :

With only one month to complete everything, every day was an exercise to try and fit the goals into my schedule. Here’s a recap of how that went down: